Aug 10, 2020 - 06:16 pm

Birmingham aims to build 394 quick chargers by 2022

The English city of Birmingham has announced the establishment of 394 quick charge points to support the electrification of the taxi fleet. The fast chargers, which are to be installed in Birmingham starting this autumn over the next two years, will not only be accessible to taxis, but also to the public and local businesses.

The city council says that the focus of the expansion is to be the city centre. In the project, the city will work together with ESB EV Solutions, a charging development service provider belonging to the Irish energy group ESB. The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is supporting the project with 2.92 million pounds (3.24 million euros).

ESB EV Solutions will work with the city to develop the charging strategy for the next 12 years. The strategy is to cover the city-wide charging network and “focus on the specific needs of all communities across Birmingham”. The basis for this should be a “detailed assessment of the forecast local demand”.

A pay-for-use model is to be used for billing at the pillars. The exact modalities are to be announced “in the coming months”, presumably when the first pillar goes into operation. It is also unclear exactly which pillars will be involved. The announcement only mentions “fast at rapid charge points”, where the vehicles (depending on the model) can pick up a “substantial charge” within 30 minutes.,,


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