Kumpan releases two fast electric scooters


The German electric scooter brand Kumpan Electric has presented its first models with a top speed of more than 45 kph. The ’54 ignite’ with a top speed of 100 kph will be delivered immediately, production of the 70 kph variant is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter.

The first units of the 54 ignite will be delivered to pre-orderers with immediate effect, the second batch will be delivered to dealers and end customers starting in October. Production for the ’54 impulse’, the slightly slower model, will start in the fourth quarter, orders are now open.

The smaller 54 inspire was introduced in May 2020 with its maximum speed of 45 kph which means it can also be driven with a class B car driving license in Europe (since this also contains the required class AM). The two new faster models, the 54 impulse and the 54 ignite, will require a class A1 driving license or a supplementary driving license to the class B car driving license.

Both new models incorporate the improvements introduced in the 54 inspire in terms of LED headlights, seven-inch touch display, more comfortable seat and improved ergonomics. The Kumpan Key app for a digital key can also be used with the two new models.

In contrast to the 45 km/h scooter, the two new models come with two (removable) batteries. Like all of Kumpan’s electric scooters in the 54i series, the newly presented models are also powered by Kumpan’s specially developed Power Pack 2.0 batteries. These can be charged at any standard household socket – whether left in the scooter or removed and connected to the charger at home or on the road.

As a top model, the seven-kilowatt 54 ignite has sports tires and a combined braking system (CBS). The latter is designed to increase safety and stability during deceleration. With its two rechargeable batteries, the ignite should have an average range of 80 kilometres and a maximum range of 110 kilometres. Kumpan gives values of 100 and 120 kilometres for the four-kilowatt impulse.

With the two stronger scooters Kumpan Electric wants to reach further target groups. While the inspire and iconic models are limited to 45 km/h and suitable for inner-city trips, the two stronger models, the impulse and the ignite are additionally targeted towards customers in suburban and rural areas.

The base price for the 54 impulse is 5,847 euros, but the company has not yet said whether deliveries are supposed to start in 2020 or early in 2021. The 54 ignite, which is available immediately, costs at least 6,822.55 euros. In addition to various paint finishes, Kumpan offers various accessories for its scooters, such as a top case, crash bars or a windshield.

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