Proterra presents the ZX5 electric bus

The US manufacturer Proterra presented its latest electric bus model, the ZX5. The electric bus is being offered in two length variants of 35 feet (10.7 metres) and 40 feet (12.2 metres) with 29 and 40 seats respectively.

The smaller version can be equipped with battery capacities of up to 440 kWh, the larger battery with up to 660 kWh that should allow a maximum range of 240 and 329 miles (384 and 526 kilometres) respectively.

Customers can choose between one or two electric motors (called ProDrive or DuoPower). The DuoPower drive has an output of 404 kW and is designed to accelerate the bus to 32 km/h in six seconds. The US bus-maker says that the bus’s behaviour on inclines has been improved upon.

The ZX5 is the fifth generation of a battery-electric transit bus from Proterra, and according to the manufacturer, the concept should be correspondingly mature. The Proterra ZX5 features Proterra battery systems, which the company says has been proven on the road through more than 13 million miles in service for mass transit. The battery was designed and manufactured in Proterra’s California battery manufacturing facility. Proterra says that the ZX5 was developed with a focus on safety, durability and performance.

“A decade ago, Proterra delivered its first battery-electric transit bus. We were at the start of the transportation electrification revolution in North America. As more cities and states make the commitment to 100% zero-emission fleets, Proterra is introducing new vehicle and battery technology to meet the needs of our customers,” said CEO and Chairman Jack Allen.

The ZX5 will feature a lower body, new shock absorbers and improved ergonomics for drivers. The new model will also have an additional charging socket at the front of the vehicle to increase charging flexibility since charging stations are not always optimally positioned for buses.

Proterra says it has already delivered battery-electric buses to more than 120 customers in North America. At the moment there appear to be no plans to export the electric buses to Europe.


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