Charge+ introduces “ultra-slim” charger for Singapore


Sunseap Group, a clean energy provider based in Singapore, has set up a new business unit called Charge+, with plans to install 10,000 charging points across the island within this decade.

The Charge+ programme aims to install charging points in public housing estates and private developments, particularly condominiums, as well as in commercial and industrial buildings, to serve the workplace market. Charge+ will also serve companies operating electric vehicle fleets.

Mr Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+, said the company was hoping to become “a game-changer” with solution drawn up with a view to densely populated cities such as Singapore.

To that end, Charge+ is developing its proprietary charger, which it considers “ultra-slim” and “specifically designed for plug and play in all existing car parks.” In Singapore, these parking garages often have limited localised power supply. So the company’s solution is an AC charger with dual charging points at 7.4kW power rating each.

Starting in Singapore, Charge+ plans to expand across South East Asia. The charging columns come together with a platform-as-a-service model which the company believes will “accelerate our outreach to partners in the region”.

Parent company Sunseap has so far a portfolio of solar projects across over 4,000 buildings in Singapore. Three partners for the charging infrastructure roll-out are already on board, namely Axxel Marketing and its affiliate last-mile company, Okwhere. They aim for zero-emission deliveries. Ebenezer Group is a local engineering group that is taking on an EV fleet comprising electric passenger cars and electric vans, for which Charge+ will provide 8 charging points. Lastly, there is StorHub that introduced the self-storage concept to Singapore in 2003 and is now the largest self-storage operator. StorHub has partnered Charge+ to install charging points at its twelve premises across the city-state.

Charge+ also said its investment would support Singapore’s goal of phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles for 100% clean energy vehicles by 2040. The Singapore government also wants to expand the public charging infrastructure from the current 1,600 to 28,000 charging points by 2030 and is planning a series of monetary incentives from next year to support the introduction of electric vehicles as reported.


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