EV charging in US Midwest with FLO & Electrada

FLO, an established charging network in North America, teamed up with Electrada to deploy charging stations across the Midwest. Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky are first to receive Level 2 and DC Fast charging stations over the “next several years”.

The companies say their new deployment will address the “most common needs for robust and reliable charging infrastructure”. To find out what these may be, Electrada will “leverage its site analytics expertise to collaborate with multiple stakeholders”. These range from property owners and developers, fleet managers, cities, counties and public agencies, utilities, employers and community organizations according to the infrastructure company.

In the project ahead, Electrada serves as the lead investor. FLO as “strategic collaborator” will likely sign for installation and networking. Electrada will then own and operate the charging infrastructure across the Midwest.

“One of the great advantages of working with FLO is that they have an equipment offering that is adapted to all the specific needs of our market segments, from connected residential models to high-speed DC charging stations,” said Kevin Kushman, CEO of Electrada.

The company also deems the project a “public-private partnership model” that relies on close collaboration with local communities. The idea is to evaluate potential charging sites, right-size the charging capacity based on projected demand, and provide service where uptime and reliability will be assured, reads the current information.

While the total count and time frame are undisclosed, the collaboration has already begun. Electrada unveiled the first charging station deployed as a result of the partnership at Findlay Market, an iconic Cincinnati venue. The station is fully operational and available through the FLO app.

“In addition to the station installed at Findlay Market, we already plan to complete the installation of another 75 public and private charging stations before the end of 2020. With all of their manufacturing in North America, our partners at FLO are proving to be particularly agile in the current environment,” reads the latest information.

FLO has been around for some time and, for example, scored cooperation with ChargePoint in 2018. The company is also behind the ‘Circuit Electrique’ network in Quebec, Canada, where they are based. The company that belongs to AddEnergie also sells its own charging equipment. FLO say they enable about half a million charging events, thanks to 30,000 public and private charging stations deployed.

Electrada was launched in Cincinnati in 2020 and takes a public-private approach to charging infrastructure.



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