Oct 21, 2020 - 08:43 pm

Dacia Spring appears indeed affordable at >€18,000

Prices for Dacia's first electric car have briefly shown up online but remain unconfirmed

When Group Renault presented their latest plans for two new all-electric models, both set to capture large segments of volume markets, and the company would not state the actual price. We found indications today though, at least for the upcoming Dacia Spring.

The Dacia model that Renault presented alongside the new Megane EV last week, relies on technology and building of an existing China EV, the Renault City K-ZE. Now coming to Europe, Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot, positioned the Dacia Spring as “the most affordable car in Europe” when speaking in Paris.

While we waited for Dacia to name a price, the Hungarian Dacia website, showed one for the first time today: 6.49 million forints before subsidy for the first 100 units of the electric Spring, that is currently about 17,835 euros, but Dacia Hungary has updated the website in the meantime and removed the price indication again. With the state subsidy in Hungary, the price would have fallen to 10,925 euros.

According to the Romanian website profit.ro, that captured the Dacia website, it stated: “The price for the model in Hungary will be 6,490,000 million HUF for the first 100 units sold in the pre-order campaign, and state-subsidized customers can get an electric car for 3,990,000 HUF”. Note though, that the first 100 vehicles appear to have been sold already – no surprise if the price holds.

What remains unclear is whether this is a higher-quality special model for the market launch or the basic price of the series. Or also whether it is the private customer version or a special equipment version for car-sharing companies, as Dacia initially announced at the launch event.

The company said the Spring would initially only be delivered to car sharers in spring 2021, including Renault’s own Zity carsharing. According to the manufacturer, this will enable “as many people as possible to test our car”. Cars won’t be delivered to individual customers until autumn 2021, but we would imagine a run on what could remain an indeed competitively priced urban electric car.

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