Nov 27, 2020 - 12:52 pm

Tesla transport ships from USA & China reach Europe

At the port in Zeebrugge in Belgium, two transport ships have arrived with Tesla electric cars. This is the first time one of the ships is fully laden with Model 3 en route from China.

In October, Tesla confirmed corresponding rumors on its Chinese WeChat account that Model 3 built in China was to be shipped out to ten European markets. This is probably the Standard Range Plus version in which the allegedly the cobalt-free LFP cells are installed.

As a result, the cargo ship ‘Toscana’ left Shanghai on 26 October. One month later, on 26 November, the ‘Toscana’ arrived in Zeebrugge. On the same day, the ‘Grand Aurora’ arrived in the Belgian port, which had left the port of San Francisco on 4 November with Teslas built in Fremont.

Tesla had only delivered a few cars to Europe in October because of the limited transport capacity. In Europe, deliveries and registrations are always linked to the arrival of the vehicles in Zeebrugge, and for these reasons Tesla is usually stronger in the last month of a quarter. The effects of the two transport ships unloaded in Zeebrugge will therefore be seen in December, and thus be included in the statistics at the beginning of January. A third ship from Shanghai is also due to dock in a few days.


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  1. Van Fruniken

    Hopefully the third ship will contain Model Y cars, in a surprise move to start selling Model Y in Europe much earlier than expected.

  2. William Tahil

    With LiFePO4 batteries the car will be much heavier (for the same range) – but safer. The EV industry was never supposed to use NMC cathodes in the first place – they were going to use LiFePo4, LiMnO2 and LiMnO4 (manganate) – the nascent Tesla started using NMC at the time by using off the shelf commercial batteries to save money. Even so they could have used Sony Nexelion or something like that. Then everybody seemed to “forget” than NMC is not safe.

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