Mullen receives major order for the MX-05 eSUV


California-based electric car startup Mullen Technologies says it has received a potential major order. It said Florida-based Unlimited Electrical Contractors (UEC) has issued a non-binding letter of intent to purchase up to 10,000 units of the MX-05 electric SUV.

According to the Californian company, a definitive and binding agreement to purchase the first 1,500 units for operation in Florida will be concluded first. By 2025, UEC plans to procure up to 8,500 more MX-05’s for use on the U.S. West Coast.

The company had announced the MX-05 in October 2020, rather surprisingly, while also opening pre-orders. At the time, Mullen Technologies did not provide details on dimensions, engine power or battery, only mentioning a range of 523 kilometres and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in 3.2 seconds. The company has also given an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph (250 kph) on its website, but still no data on battery capacity or charging power.

Mullen has nevertheless revealed a few details that the UEC will receive vehicles based “on a modified version of the MX-05.” The MX-05 itself is based on an unspecified skateboard EV platform, and is available in single and dual electric motor configurations.

So far, only the price has already been set for the “Signature Series.” These start at $55,000 (44,785 euros), with lease payments over 36 months (12,000 miles per year) at $783 (638 euros) per month.

The potential major customer, UEC, says that the “UEC is a premier electrical contractor based in Pompano Beach, Florida, specialising in commercial and residential projects in South Florida.” UEC says that its mission is to be the first electrical contractor with an all-electric service fleet. “We are pleased with the newly designed Mullen MX-05 SUV and are very excited to be working with Mullen on electrifying our fleet of service vehicles,” said Mark Petrich, CEO of Unlimited Electrical Contractors.

UEC will apparently be getting a slightly reduced price in the process: The initial order is estimated at $75 million. For the 1,500 vehicles, that equates to exactly $50,000 per unit.

Where exactly the vehicles will be built, has not yet been revealed. The company is currently building a pilot plant for up to 1,000 cars per year in Monrovia, California, with work scheduled to be completed in April 2021. Mullen Technologies has not yet said where the planned volume production of the MX-05 for private customers and the announced MX-07 and MX-03 models will take place.



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