Siemens launches new high power charging station

Siemens Smart Infrastructure released its new public fast charger Sicharge D. They claim it provides the highest peak efficiencies on the market at 96 per cent. It also features scalable, high charging power of up to 300 kW and dynamic power-sharing.

Siemens consider the high charging power a bet on the future. The Sicharge D can either provide the 300 kW already or enable it later through plug-and-play upgrades. The charging station also supports voltages between 150 and 1,000 volts and charging currents of up to 1,000 amperes across all DC outlets. “This enables full power loads for future 800 V vehicles as well as the lower voltage charging rates demanded by today’s mainstream vehicles,” Siemens suggests.

No vehicle currently on the market can take charging currents of 1,000 amps. Often the charging cables on the columns are also designed for 500 amps. Yet Siemens says the stations are upgradable. “With its upgradability and dynamic charging, it is a big step forward to support the future of eMobility. Our customers can be sure to be prepared for future eventualities of eMobility, be it an increasing number of required charging options or increasing charging speeds,” Birgit Dargel, Global Head of Future Grids at Siemens Smart Infrastructure explains.

The Sicharge DC station’s standard configuration has two DC and one AC outlet and a compact design. This set-up calls for dynamic parallel charging. Siemens explains that each connection accounts for each connected car’s individual power demand and automatically adapts the charging process to the EV’s battery technology and charging status. Operators may also opt for two extra external charging connections. Only this will reduce the charging power per charge point correspondingly. Siemens expects lower investment costs from the solution with the externally expandable charging points.

The station also has an integrated 24-inch adjustable display, which Siemens says, opens new opportunities to display “tasks beyond interfacing with the charging process.” What these may be remains open at this point.

The Sicharge D being a public charger, according to Siemens, it is best suited as highway and urban fast-charging station, for city parking and at shopping malls.


about „Siemens launches new high power charging station“
21.01.2021 um 17:56
Since it supports up to 1000A charging, I wonder if it will be able to charge Teslas at lvl3 Supercharger speeds.
22.01.2021 um 01:05
Yes 1000 amps x 400 volts = 400kw so much more than Tesla Model 3
Sanjay laddha
22.01.2021 um 04:20
Interested in ev charging station

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