Can anyone become a charging provider? Deftpower thinks so.

The former team behind Plugsurfing and Allego has launched an AI-based software-as-a-service platform for electric vehicle charging. The promise: anyone who wants to enter the electric vehicle charging market should be able to set up their own charging app within 24 hours with Deftpower.

Jacob van Zonneveld, former co-founder and CEO of Plugsurfing, and ex-Allego CIO Marc Diks are behind the startup Deftpower. According to the founders, they have developed an intelligent charging platform for companies with which they want to enter the European e-mobility charging market. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software-as-a-service platform offers an enhanced user experience with a premium charging app that connects fleet managers and electric car drivers with hundreds of charging point operators, according to Deftpower.

Without going into detail, the company says it is using the strengths of AI, technology and software “to go a few steps further and make electric vehicle charging a profitable and enjoyable customer experience”. The new company already has connections to all the major charging point operators in Europe. The company website mentions Allego (of course), but also Fastned, Ionity, Vattenfall, Enercity, Ecotap and NewMotion.

Deftpower says that their product reduces the necessary investments and the time to market by up to 80 per cent. In the near future, customers will be able to easily set up their own charging app for each brand within just 24 hours with the help of Deftpower. The app also includes a backend that customers will be able to monitor and control via a simple dashboard. Via the dashboard, they should be able to get evaluations of their customers’ charging behaviour, but also easily set their own charging prices.

Deftpower says it has already acquired its first B2B customers but has not yet revealed more about them. The new company is explicitly targeting car manufacturers, energy suppliers and leasing companies that would like to “further develop relationships with electric car drivers”. They want to offer these companies a pre-developed platform “to break through the complexity of the electric vehicle charging ecosystem”, as Deftpower puts it.

Alongside Jacob van Zonneveld and Marc Diks, Remco Tjeerdsma is part of the founding team and is active at Deftpower as CTO. Although Tjeerdsma has not previously been a board member at an electric mobility company, he also brings experience and know-how: He previously worked for Allego and is described as an “IT expert in the field of communication and scalability”.

With companies creating or co-creating their own charging opportunities on their own properties, this product should make it easy for businesses to allow third parties to use their charging facilities for a price.

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