Efacec introduces new EV charger generation

The Portuguese charging infrastructure manufacturer Efacec presented a new generation of chargers, including an AC column for private or public use, an HPC column with up to 350 kW charging power and a DC station with three charging ports and up to 120 kW.

Efacec claims to have once again increased the functionality of the three new additions compared to its previous range. They are designed to be more space-saving, require less maintenance and offer enhanced connectivity functions, according to an accompanying press release. However, the Portuguese do not provide any information on the market launch and prices of the products.

As the third generation of its “Public Charger”, Efacec presents the AC charging solution PC G3. According to the manufacturer, it is equally suitable for public and private areas, offers two connections of 22 kVA each and is supposed to be particularly robust and reliable. The PC G3 can be installed on a base or on the wall. As with the predecessor model PC G2, it is delivered without attached charging cables.

In the HPC sector, Efacec presents a solution called HV350 G2. It is the successor to the first high-power charger generation HV 160/350 G1. The charger now offers up to 350 kW and 500 continuous amps with two connections. It has also been further developed “to keep pace with the new technological and operational challenges in the field of electromobility”, according to the release. Specifically, the system is designed to meet the requirements of Plug&Charge and calibration law, among others.

Another new product in the range is the QC120 solution, a DC fast charging station based on Efacec’s new QC gamma platform. It comes with three connections, which customers can select variably from CCS, CHAdeMO and AC. According to the manufacturer, the versions 2x DC + 1x AC or 3x DC are possible. The maximum charging power is 120 kW, the maximum voltage is 920 volts. The solution is also available as QC90 or QC60 with 90 or 60 kW respectively. Plug&Charge and the calibration law are also taken into account in the QC product range.

All three chargers allow the integration of Efacec’s charge management system LMS (Load Management System). The Portuguese also announce another newly developed management tool called EV Core. This is said to be a charging network and fleet management system that offers a scalable platform for the management and billing of charging processes. The digital solution has already been implemented at several renowned national and international customers from different industries, Efacec informs.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.

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