Tritium enables Plug&Charge at all its charging stations


Tritium released a software update for its fast-charging stations that now enables the use of Plug&Charge at the company’s RT50 columns worldwide. The retroactive upgrade completes the line-up.

Tritium announced this week that the technology has now been rolled out globally. The Australian company’s CTO and co-founder James Kennedy in a statement compared the plug-and-play function to the simplicity of plugging in a phone to charge.

The update enables electric cars that support Plug&Charge to seamlessly communicates with Tritium’s RT50 charging stations that deliver DC charges at 50 kW. The function allows drivers to do away with network provider RFIDs and credit cards because the charger software recognises the vehicle and automatically takes payment via the vehicle owner’s account.

Tritium even sees a future for using the car itself as a sort of “mobile credit card” to pay for grocery pickups or other services that could be booked through the vehicle’s digital interface.

Such advances aside, Tritium’s chief revenue officer David Toomey stressed that the company was already creating an environment where EV charging is beating the gas station experience by removing an entire payment step.

Tritium introduced its Plug&Charge technology in May 2020. As soon as the charging cable is plugged in and authenticates the vehicle, an encrypted certificate goes through the cloud for approval before activating the charge. The technology conforms with ISO standard 15118 to protect communication between the infrastructure and the car against manipulation.

Drivers of Plug& Charge-enabled vehicles such as the Porsche Taycan can, in future, just plug-in and start charging. In August 2020, Tritium also introduced the RT175-S, a new Plug&Charge-enabled fast-charging station with up to 175 kW of power.

Tritium is also a provider for the Ionity network, and in 2019 refitted its chargers at Ionity sites with liquid-cooled cables that will enable charging capacities of up to 350 kW.,


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