Burgas Bus in Bulgaria orders 44 e-buses from Irizar

The Spanish manufacturer Irizar has received a large electric bus order from Burgas, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria. The public transport operator Burgas Bus has ordered 44 electric buses and chargers from Irizar.

According to Irizar, the vehicles are 34 battery-electric solo buses and ten articulated buses. The twelve-metre long solo buses have three doors, 26 seats and a wheelchair area. Batteries of up to 350 kWh can be installed here, and various charging options possible ranging from 100 kW to 450 kW at a pantograph. The drive has a maximum output of 180 kW.

The 18-metre articulated bus has four doors, 34 seats and also a wheelchair area. Up to 525 kWh can be installed here, depending on the customer’s wishes, and the charging power ranges from 150 kW (cabled) to a maximum of 600 kW at a pantograph, depending on the battery size. Irizar has not announced which battery options Burgas Bus has opted for.

In addition to the vehicles, Irizar will also deliver 44 ECI-100 chargers from its subsidiary Jema Energy, each with 100 kW charging power, to Burgas. In each case, the largest possible battery configuration is available with the “slow charging” batteries, while the “fast charging” and “ultra-fast charging” options with pantograph charging are only available with smaller battery packages.

Burgas Bus will also use the telemetry system from another Irizar Group company Datik when operating the Irizar fleet. By using the Datik system, Irizar says operators can monitor and manage their vehicles “to get the maximum performance out of their operations”.

The first of the electric buses on order are scheduled for delivery in September 2021. Irizar says Burgas Bus already has 130 buses in its fleet – whether the electric buses now on order will replace older diesel vehicles or supplement the service is was not revealed in Irizar’s announcement.

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