ABB & AWS develop electric mobility cloud for fleets

ABB and Amazon Web Services have announced a partnership to develop a cloud-based digital solution for the real-time management of electric vehicle fleets. The new platform is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2021.

ABB says that the solution is designed to optimise the efficient use of electric vehicles, accelerate the electrification of fleets and enable operators worldwide to transition to electric mobility without disrupting business operations.

ABB will contribute its expertise in energy management, charging technology and electric mobility solutions, while Amazon Web Services (AWS) will provide its cloud technologies and software expertise. ABB says the platform has the purpose of making fleet management more efficient and reliable.

ABB founded the subsidiary ABB eMobility in Berlin last year. The company is to deal exclusively with the development of “customised, scalable and cost-efficient technologies for fleet operators”. The company aims to make solutions that are suitable for vehicles from all manufacturers and the development of the fleet platform with AWS shares this goal.

“With the expertise of the two companies, we will achieve our common goal of making fleet management of electric vehicles easier and more accessible,” says Frank Mühlon, head of ABB’s eMobility division. “This new solution will revolutionize the world of electric mobility, integrating EV hardware and software into one ecosystem to provide a seamless user experience.” Jon Allen, Director Professional Services Automotive at AWS, added: “This collaboration between AWS and ABB will combine our companies’ deep expertise in the automotive, logistics and electrification spaces with leadership in the cloud to deliver a hardware-agnostic, intelligent electric fleet management solution”

As the range of vehicle models and charging technologies continues to grow rapidly, the platform is expected to offer easily customisable software solutions that will be combined with “straightforward, plug-and-go charging devices”. So far, ABB has not revealed what exactly these chargers will look like.


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