Apr 6, 2021 - 06:07 pm

My EV ruined my weekend

Electric car owners in Australia have grouped up on Facebook to gather images to show just how much their EVs ruined the weekend. The initiative is a fun response to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s infamous remark that EVs would “end the weekend”.

He has recently denied saying it – in fact, his Liberal Party colleague Michaela Cash said it in 2019 – but the words already spread their wings and much to a delight. Take a Tesla owner expressing how he was “devastated” when his weekend was ruined by driving up to the Blue Mountains to see some rare pink flannel flowers. Other examples include reports saying, “I ruined the week driving about 1,900kms from Central Coast to Brisbane and back to visit my brothers. Cost to me for fuel $6.37 (versus about $150-$200 for petrol depending on the car and fuel price).”

The private Facebook group had 198 members at our latest count.

Australia, however, has bigger problems and has been criticised for its climate strategy or lack thereof. The government released a ‘Future Fuels’ strategy in February deemed a “nothing paper” by critics as it lacks decisive action points.

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