Shell reveals charging network plans for the UK

Shell has revealed more details about its planned global rollout of EV charging stations. In the UK, Shell will be installing a total of 5,000 charging stations by 2025.

Shell recently announced that it plans to increase the number of charging points worldwide from 60,000 to 500,000 by 2025.

In an interview with UK Investor, Sinead Lynch, head of Shell in the UK, revealed that Shell plans to double the current number of charging stations on the British Isles. This now stands at 100 charging stations with 50 or 150 kW and should be doubled by the end of 2021. By 2025, Shell aims to install an average of one to two DC charging stations at each of 500 of its British petrol stations, while increasing the number and size of charging parks along motorways.

Many refuelling and charging sites will remain “hybrid models for decades”, according to Lynch, but she said that Shell is also considering stopping the sale of petrol altogether at some sites. Shell is designing “the petrol station of the future”, including cafés and parcel collection services. At the same time, the fast-charging network will not be limited to petrol station sites: “We’re also wanting to step into that ‘destination charging’ space with the rapid and ultra-rapid . . . so you could see them in the car parks of supermarkets,” Lynch told UK Investor.

Shell is also focusing on AC chargers in the UK market. Shell acquired  2,700 on-street charging points in the UK with the takeover of the Berlin-based charging infrastructure specialist Ubitricity.

It is now becoming apparent exactly how Shell intends to reach its target of 500,000 charging points worldwide by 2025. The announcement of this goal in February was not specific about the distribution of charging stations by market and the type of charging points.

Meanwhile, the UK Investor writes that Shell is not only planning until 2025 but is aiming to further scale the charging network to 2.5 million charging points by 2030.


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John H
13.04.2021 um 10:39
Last year, Shell completely rebuilt a service station near me which is signposted off the M20. No attempt was made to install any chargers. Had they done so, I would be purchasing an EV this week, not a hybrid, as I can't street charge. Surprising that they only now are waking up to what's happening. There is an opportunity for a disrupter to supplant the oil companies on the forecourt,
Kel Dommage
13.04.2021 um 17:01
Shell Recharge are some of the most expensive chargers in the Netherlands. Many spots have a Shell near a FastNed, and since there's a 50% discount per kWh when you've a subscription, then FastNed makes more sense -- especially for us apartment dwellers. Shell doesn't appear to offer any subscription plan. I know FastNed is headed into the UK now - would be a smarter option.

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