Born to kill…range in Canada

Image: Tesla

Tesla is now officially offering a variant of the Model 3 with a range of only 94 miles (151 kilometres) in Canada. The vehicle features the normal technology outfit, however has its range limited digitally to meet the new subsidy requirements.

By offering a Model 3 version in which the battery capacity is limited by software, Tesla is responding to the requirements of government subsidies, which is by no means the first time that Californian company has specifically catered to regional funding limitations. In Canada, an electric model in the basic version may cost a maximum of 45,000 Canadian dollars in order to qualify for the premium.

The Canadian limited version of the Model 3 “only” costs $44,999 CAD, making this more of a protest action than a realistic buyer alternative. Additionally, the autopilot function is removed. To compare, the regular Model 3 checks in with an estimated 430 km range.,


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