Apr 13, 2021 - 11:44 pm

Volkswagen’s standard ID.4 rates 260-mile range

The VW ID.4 has received its range ratings from the EPA in the USA. The current base version ID.4 Pro with rear-wheel drive and 82 kWh battery has been rated with a range of 260 miles (418 kilometres). This is 10 miles (16 kilometres) more than the ID.4 Pro S and 1st Edition variants.

In terms of the powertrain and battery, the ID.4 Pro is the same as the other two versions, being the 150 kW rear engine and the large battery with 82 kWh gross and 77 kWh net respectively. The ten miles or four per cent difference is therefore likely to result from factors such as the weight and energy consumption of the additional equipment and possibly the aerodynamics of the rims.

In comparison, according to the WLTP standard, the ID.4 Pro is said to have a range of up to 522 kilometres (Pro Performance and Life equipment), depending on the equipment. The ID.4 Max has a range of 508 kilometres according to WLTP. The ID.4 Pure – i.e. with the 52 kWh battery and 109 or 125 kW drive power – has a WLTP range of 343-354 kilometres, but is not available in the USA.

The EPA’s range calculation differs from the WLTP values, as greater importance is attached to temperature in the USA. Instead of time-consuming and expensive test drives of city and highway cycles at different temperatures, manufacturers usually choose the simpler variant: instead of calculating the correction factor based on the measurements, they set a flat value of 0.7 .

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal

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