Xpeng’s smaller model to use advanced self-driving tech

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng has provided the first preview of its third series model after the G3 compact SUV and the P7 large sedan. The third Xpeng model is called P5 and although it is more or less a little sibling of the P7, in a number of regards it promises to be superior to the P7.

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With this first presentation of the P5, the manufacturer focused on the interior and the electric sedan’s autonomous driving capabilities with Lidar support. More details, such as the powertrain and prices, will follow on 19 April when the Xpeng P5 is fully unveiled at Auto Shanghai.

Although the P5 is seven centimetres shorter than the P7, this still gives the P5 a length of 4.81 metres. For comparison, a Tesla Model 3 has a length of 4.95 metres.

Technically, the P5 is supposed to distinguish itself from the larger P7 through further developed driving assistants. While the P7 is optionally available with the ‘XPILOT’ versions 2.5 or 3.0, the P5 is to be the first production vehicle with version 3.5. This will enable ‘Navigation Guided Pilot’ (NGP) functions not only on the motorway but also in the city. For this purpose, the P5 uses two lidar units, twelve ultrasonic sensors for the night area, five radar sensors and 13 cameras. Xpeng says that this latest model is “the world’s first production smart EV equipped with automotive-grade LiDAR technology”.

“The P5 brings a new level in sophistication and technological advancement for smart EVs,” says He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng. “Each new XPeng model aims for a new high in technology, and the P5 is our most advanced and technically ambitious model yet. Our homegrown technology, distinctive design language and user experience philosophy, all reflect XPeng’s drive to grow from its Chinese roots to realize its global vision of leading the world’s Smart EV market.”

The two lidar units are said to be able to accurately detect pedestrians, cyclists and scooters, static obstacles and roadworks even at night and in low-light conditions, backlighting and alternating light and dark in tunnels. This is also said to include traffic lights.

Inside, the P5 has a 15.6-inch touchscreen that controls all major functions. The panoramic glass roof is said to be just under 1.5 square metres. In addition to the aforementioned sleep mode, this electric car is supposed to feature a cinema function and details like a built-in refrigerator.

The Xpeng will, as reported, go into serial production this year.

Update 21 April 2021: Xpeng has now started pre-orders for the P5. The electric sedan is clearly well received by potential customers: Xpeng has already registered more than 10,000 reservations for the electric sedan within the first 53 hours.

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