Siemens debuts charge controller & calibration kit

Siemens has introduced a new charge controller and calibration kit first to fully adhere to CharIN specifications. The plug-and-play system is to enable charging system providers to calibrate their systems more easily and quickly.

Specifically, Siemens calls it the ET 200SP TM ECC PL ST charge controllers and the TM ECC CCS calibration kit, both in the Simatic line. The tools calibrate the powerline signal level following the CharIN Association’s CCS (Combined Charging System) implementation guidelines. This regards electric vehicles plugged in.

The background to the calibration: When commissioning charging systems, for example, cable lengths or different material types can attenuate the signal strength, explains Siemens. This can affect the powerline frequency ranges. In other words, charging can be interrupted if frequencies are outside the standardized range, leading to communication issues between the electric car and the charger.

According to Siemens, the new charge controller and calibration kit are the solution. The kit helps to calibrate the charging system to 75 dBm/Hz transmission power with a +/- 3dB tolerance, which minimizes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues and said communication problems. When calibrating the signal quality of a DC charge controller (CCS) with the new tool, Siemens says, there is no need for a spectrum analyzer, making the process quicker and easier. The company also claims charging station manufacturers could reduce servicing to remedy charging interruptions by up to 50 per cent using the new kit.


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