Apr 28, 2021 - 05:06 pm

Statkraft’s Mer to launch into UK charging market

The Norwegian renewable energy utility Statkraft is launching into the UK charging market with the recently acquired Mer, previously known as Gronn Kontakt UK.

Statkraft’s Mer is entering Britain’s EV charging market with the focus on getting charging stations into businesses, organisations, key retail locations. This also includes locations across the UK that need more public charging such as residential streets where people do not have their own driveways or garages.

Commenting on the launch, Mer UK Managing Director Anthony Hinde, said: “The UK Government has set ambitious targets for the switch to zero-emission vehicles, especially with the announcement of the 2030 ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars.” He warned that while he thinks the target is achievable, it will require “a fundamental shift in how the UK’s EV charging infrastructure is developed.”

Hind, coming from the country with the world’s largest number of electric cars per capita explains: “The lessons we have learned from Norway – where the majority of new car sales are now electric – is that installing EV chargers into workplaces and more broadly into community locations, and switching fleet vehicles to electric, will be a critical element to the success of the green-vehicle transition.”

Mer – previously known as Gronn Kontakt UK – was acquired by Statkraft in late 2019, following the acquisition of German EV charging firm E-Wald in the same year. Since then, the Norwegian utility has also acquired Vattenfall’s UK EV charging business.

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