May 17, 2021 - 11:26 am

Google faces fines in Italy for abusing dominant position for charging apps

The Italian competition authority slapped a fine on Google for 102 million euros. The reason given was that Google did not allow the provider Enel X Italia to develop a version of its JuicePass app that is compatible with Android Auto.

The authorities found that by Google favouring its own map app Google Maps it had abused its dominant position. Particularly, since Enel X has been attempting to get their app into Google’s play store for more than 2 years at this point. The court also took issue with Google hogging the keys to the field of e-mobility: “The contested behaviour can influence the development of e-mobility in a crucial phase … with possible negative spill-over effects on the growth of electric vehicles (EV),” it said.

Google has already commented on the proceedings through a spokesperson and is aiming to not pay the fine. Google “respectfully disagrees” with the antitrust regulator’s decision and will examine the documents to decide its next steps, the spokesperson said.,


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