Solectrac launches the e70N electric farm tractor

Solectrac announced the launch of the e70N electric tractor, a specially designed, narrow model purpose-built for handling and manoeuvrability on vineyards and farm operations. First client demonstrations are already set for California.

The e70N electric tractor, the N stands for narrow, is built to replace fossil-fuel-powered counterparts. Performance comes from a 52 kW all-wheel drive that adds to the easy handling that Solectrac claims. A 60 kWh LFP battery is said to allow up to eight hours of operation, with the company also mentioning solar array options online. Lifting capacity is given at 2000 lbs.

A subsidiary of Ideanomics, a fintech company, specialising in accelerating the transition to electric vehicle fleets, the news follows Solectrac’s announcement that long-time agriculture and construction industry veteran Mani Iyer has been appointed Solectrac CEO.

Iyer considers the e70N to be “yet another innovative electric tractor breakthrough from Solectrac, this time focused on commercial-level, heavy-duty farm and vineyard operations.” The CEO added that the tractor was in high demand. Many farmers look to cut emissions and reduce noise pollution but still require larger, more powerful vehicles with easy manoeuvrability. He also pointed out the e70N’s swappable battery pack, allowing even longer operation in busy seasons. “The unique and multi-faceted new model will position Solectrac to gain market share and compete very favourably with medium- and heavy-duty tractors in both agriculture and commercial tractor segments,” Iyer claims.

It is also not the first electric tractor coming through Solectrac. This time around, however, the company found funding through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Funding Agriculture Replacement Measures for Emission Reductions Demonstration Program (FARMER). The scheme provides up to 80 per cent of the cost for farmers to replace diesel tractors with less polluting alternatives. So far, three local farms and vineyards in California have opted for Solectrac’s e70N tractor.

Order books for the model are open now for a down payment of $1,000. The base price is $74,999, including a 6 kW charger. Solectrac expects deliveries to take off in spring 2022.,


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