Aug 10, 2021 - 05:04 pm

A negative charge for Ionity

German top managers get a negative charge from Ionity: Karl-Thomas Neumann is now another top German automotive manager to be disappointed in the charging network from Ionity.

Shortly after Herbert Diess sharply criticised Ionity for patchy services, Neumann was disappointed by Ionity’s performance when trying to charge his electric car.

During a charging stop in Vordingborg, Denmark, Neumann found that two of four Ionity pillars were defective and the other two refused to communicate with his Porsche Taycan and start charging. “The only consistent premium charging experiences I’ve had have been with my Tesla. Superchargers always work,” Neumann said on LinkedIn.


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  1. Richard Kabelka

    I was driving my MG5 cross EU from Slovakia to England.Ionity charging stations in Slovakia,Czech Republic,Belgium,England works perfectly with no problem.In Germany i was try about 3 different places Ionity charging stations thats waste time,no woks i had realy bad experience.I have to always find different charging station(EON works spot on in Germany)

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