Choose your staff wisely

Boris Johnson’s appointed climate spokesperson Allegra Stratton just went on record saying, “diesel car suits me better than electric”, first citing range anxiety and then her mood. “I just don’t fancy it just yet,” she said of making the transition.

The spokesperson’s reasoning is that “They’re all journeys that I think would be at least one quite long stop to charge,” explaining that she regularly visited relatives “200, 250 miles away” and could not do with a charging stop. Refuelling we assume is not considered a significant stop, but her explanation was further riddled with misinformation. She continued by adding that she would consider an EV if “the stop times for recharging improve so much that it’s half an hour”.

Automotive Association president Edmund King, countered: “Even on a rare journey of over 200 miles, the driver should stop to take a break anyway for road safety reasons, so why not combine it with a rapid charge that takes just 20 minutes to go from a quarter charge to over 80%?”

And, we may add, there are plenty of electric cars to go around over 200-mile ranges rather easily.


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