Ford announces electric conversion motor

Ford Performance has announced an electric crate motor designed to make EV conversions easy. Dubbed Eluminator, it will be unveiled at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas this autumn. The electric motor itself comes from the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT can be ordered online for 3,900 US dollars.

At first, not much is known about the electric crate motor yet, as the automaker didn’t provide much detail and has only published renderings of the motor. The name is a play on the Aluminator name Ford has used for certain V-8 crate engines over the years.

With the reveal that the motor comes from the Mustang Mach-E GT, we can confirm that the electric drive system has the following specs: A Peak power value of 210 kW is coupled with a peak torque of 430 Nm (317 lb/ft). This allows for a maximum peed of 13,800 rpm and makes for a total weight of 93 kg, or 205 lbs., via


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Glenn shaver
12.12.2021 um 01:45
I have a 1966 failane stationwagon I want to convert can you please help me
11.03.2022 um 03:46
Hi. I have a 1995 e350 econoline LTX with an e40d transmission. Will this electric motor work in my vehicle. I have a 5.8L V-8 currently.
09.11.2022 um 06:28
2018 Ford Flex - electric would be dank
Amar Iqbal Singh Ghaley
24.12.2021 um 11:38
Keen to know more about the Motor
Shaun Sites
09.01.2022 um 12:07
Would love to drop that into a 1995 to 1999 Mustang Gt body.Wonder if it would bolt up to the T56 though......
That Guy
15.02.2022 um 21:38
why do you want a transmission?
Scott hanft
24.03.2022 um 01:38
This will work great in my 2012 mustang v6. I’m interested!
11.05.2022 um 18:36
Will this work in my 65 mustang 6 cylinder automatic
Les Myers
26.06.2022 um 07:46
I have a 77 ford Ltd 351 how much for a kit to convert to electric in Australia
John Scarpelli
11.07.2022 um 16:14
Is electric engine available for 2002 ford e350 Please advise Thank u
Thomas J Gondek
04.08.2022 um 16:38
Can this new EV motor be used in converting my 2020 Eco boost Mustang. Or is it possible to covert the 2020 Mustang to EV....what a great idea that would be....any thoughts and/or suggestions appreciated. SEMA would be the place to be for the unveiling....cheers all.
28.09.2022 um 16:48
Can we get a federal tax credit for converting our ICE engine to an EV?
12.10.2022 um 06:05
Please send price for total conversion kit for a 79 mustang I 6, and a 2012 Mustang GT and parts list. I have been waiting for this for 30 yrs. Since I was given the 79 from an old friend.
27.10.2022 um 06:22
I haven’t see anyone replying to this message. Is this true? Or is this just a publicity stunt? I have a 2004 4.6L Explorer and want to convert it also but I haven’t seen or heard anyone doing that his modification. The Endera company converts Ford shuttle busses and I could only imagine that the drivetrains are similar. Hopefully someone in the know will re.
09.02.2023 um 20:15
would this work for a 1965 ford falcon wagon futura 4 door
David Gerick
12.02.2023 um 18:36
will it work with a 1996 mustand convertible 6 cycliner
19.04.2023 um 20:04
I have a 2012 Flex that needs an engine...would be interested in a ev conversion if it wouldn't cost a fortune...
Arturo Araiza
27.04.2023 um 10:01
Can the EV motor be installed in Ford Focus 2010 SE? Whats the overall cost?
12.07.2023 um 07:12
will it work with a 2005 ford focus ZX4?. Hey ford You can put it in my vehicle and we can do tests around town and drive to other states to test the motor. We can drive the hell out if it untill we break it. how about it? email me.
Terrell Grant
12.08.2023 um 11:14
Want to know if still available and for 2003 Ford Focus SE

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