JustPark and Octopus Energy launch charging cooperation

The two charging specialists aim to help provide better urban charging opportunities for fleet drivers in the UK who do not have access to their own parking and charging opportunities at home, which is suspected to be a large hurdle for EV adoption.

The idea behind the concept is not complicated: FleetCharge, the new off-street EV charging solution from JustPark, will help businesses electrify their fleets and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. JustPark will contribute by identifying a suitable location to install a private charger “within five minutes’ walk of a fleet driver’s home”, which should all them to charge their vehicles overnight without a home charger or garage access.

Octopus Energy Group will then do the actual installation of the chargers, providing 100 per cent renewable electricity for charging on the device. The Octopus subsidiary Octopus Energy Services will then install and manage FleetCharge’s charging units.

“Our discussions with fleet customers tell us that there is a real appetite to electrify in the sector, but charging accessibility at home is preventing many operators from scaling up at speed,” said Mike Strahlman, Director of EV at JustPark, adding: “FleetCharge is a simple and effective way to bring convenient, local charging to fleet drivers, putting an end to the charging inequality that is holding the industry back.”

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