EV8 Switch app calculates whether you could go electric


The UK government launched a free app called EV8 Switch – backed by £2.7 million of UK Space Agency funding. It calculates how much money you could save by switching to an EV compared to your current ICE vehicle, along with details on the CO2 savings and air quality improvements drivers could achieve.

The app from EV8 Technologies is supported by NatWest Group and is free to download for iOS and Android devices. The designers claim EV8 Switch analyses two weeks worth of real-world driving data to provide “independent, personalised insights.”

A so-called Switchability score rates the factors of cost, mileage, charging and emissions. The app also suggests which electric vehicles would be the most suitable for drivers based on their current vehicle and lifestyle. However, it is unclear so far whether this includes the entire market. EV8 Switch users can also see how close their nearest charge points are and which journeys can be completed on a single charge.

Richard Forrest, EV8 Chairman of the Board and Senior Partner, Kearney, explained, “the app lets drivers make an informed decision, based on their individual driving needs,” once they took the 14-day challenge.

Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex, added that a switch to electric vehicles was essential to meet the carbon targets set out by the Government and improve local air quality. “EV8 Switch makes that switch easier by dispelling some of the key myths around range anxiety and chargepoint availability on an individual basis and highlights the personal cost and emissions savings,” he said.

The ESA Space Solutions programme supported developing the EV8 Switch app as part of a demonstration project called Human Switch.

EV8 Technologies is a joint venture between consultancy Kearney, low-emission transport group Cenex, and Brixworth Technologies, specialising in asset and software solutions. NatWest is on board as a partner and will promote the app to customers.

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