Osprey to install 150 charging hubs in the UK

British charge point operator Osprey Charging, formerly known as Engenie, will invest £75 million to install over 150 high-powered EV charging hubs across the UK by 2025.

Each Osprey hub is to host up to 12 rapid chargers with a maximum charging power of 150-175kW. This will make up a total of 1,500 units across England. Construction is already underway at four sites and construction will commence on all of the first 10 hubs before the end of the year.

The hubs will be opening on major transport routes, motorways, A-roads and popular destinations over the next four years. The Osprey chargers being installed do not require a membership or subscription to initiate charging. Osprey says that drivers can simply tap their contactless bank card or smartphone and says their chargers are compatible with every rapid charging EV on the market today.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, says: “The EV market is booming, with sales up over 117% year on year and EV adoption continuing to grow exponentially. In less than nine years’ time, buying a new petrol or diesel car will be impossible, so it’s crucial that public charging infrastructure stays ahead of the curve.”

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