Saietta announces as sole motor supplier for EAV

Saietta is now the exclusive supplier of in-wheel traction motors to Electric Assisted Vehicles (EAV). The Saietta and EAV collaboration aims to accelerate the widespread adoption of e-mobility solutions within urban areas and congested town centres.

The collaboration will begin by focusing on EAV’s Lightweight Inner-City Solution (LINCS) vehicle, which incorporates a modular lightweight skateboard platform as an emissions-free alternative to the traditional transit van in urban environments.

EAV came onto the market in 2019 with a cargo pedelec, which was quickly expanded to include more advanced uses, such as a refrigeration unit in December of 2019. Last year, the company updated their lineup with the ‘2Cubed’ with a larger load volume. Now that the cargo space has been sorted, the company refocused on delivering more powerful drive systems.

Saietta presented their skateboard platform at the beginning of this year, however, declared at the time that they did not intend to produce the platform itself, but was just using it as a demonstrator for the electric drive system: “We are not intending to become a platform manufacturer and only developed a chassis to demonstrate the power of our in-wheel motor innovation,” said Wicher Kist, Chief Executive Officer at Saietta Group.

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