Nuvve & Wallbox Chargers enter V2G partnership


Wallbox Chargers and Nuvve announced a new vehicle-to-grid partnership in Iberia to incorporate Wallbox’s bidirectional DC home charger Quasar into Nuvve’s V2G software GIVe. The partners target a kick start in Southern Europe in 2022 with their eyes set on overseas markets.

Nuvve and Wallbox Chargers expect the “combined technology” to be available to consumers in early 2022 in Spain and Portugal with launches to follow in the US and what the companies call “other leading markets.” The timeline appears doable, given that both partners operate the base technology already successfully.

Wallbox introduced its bidirectional Quasar charger at the 2020 CES with a maximum 7.4 kW charging capacity. It is unusually low for a DC charging connection but makes the Qasar one of the DC chargers available for home use and V2G capability.

Nuvve’s patented GIV platform tracks and identifies the optimal time for a user to charge their electric vehicle, prioritising charging during low tariff periods. The integration with Wallbox’s two-way charger will add the flexibility to store or discharge energy using the EV battery, so Nuvve, and also introduces charging depending on the electricity’s carbon intensity. This could lead to savings worth upwards of 500 Euros a year, the company estimates, before pointing out that pressure on the grid was “rapidly rising” in the Iberian peninsula.

“Quasar was engineered to transform electric vehicles into powerful energy sources to both reduce the mounting pressure on the grid and to give EV drivers more control over how they consume power – our partnership with Nuvve marks an important milestone in making this sophisticated technology accessible to users everywhere,” added Eduard Castañeda, CPO and co-founder of Barcelona-based Wallbox.

Plus, both companies have worked together before. For example, Nuvve has utilised the Qasar chargers of Wallbox for the E-Flex project in the United Kingdom.

In Spain and Portugal, EV drivers can now register their interest in the partnership programme through Wallbox’s website.



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