Nov 1, 2021 - 05:53 pm

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service relies on EDF for charging

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) continues its transition to new electric vehicles and has turned to EDF for installing charging stations across its network of sites. SFRS aims to transition 50 per cent of its 755-strong fleet of cars and vans to EVs by 2025.

What is more, the SFRS targets complete light fleet electrification by 2030. The fire service claims this could save over 14,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by 2030. This would allow 356 fire stations to attend over 91,000 incidents a year and go about their vital work sustainably and effectively.

EDF has already installed 51 charge points across 46 SFRS sites. The charge points are strategically placed across Scotland to ensure that each Area Commander can cover their area, so EDF. The advance also includes solar panels at some locations to generate energy on-site. EDF says it has carried out works on 80 SFRS sites with all projects managed by Imtech, an engineering services company of EDF.

Iain Morris, Acting Director of Finance and Procurement at SFRS, said: “These important measures to improve energy efficiency across our buildings and fleet reflect our ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.” He added, “As an organisation, our frontline firefighters respond to the impacts of severe weather events such as wildfires and flooding; therefore, we want to ensure we are taking all necessary steps to address the climate emergency.”

Matthew Nunn, director of I&C sales at EDF, added: “This kind of leading initiative within the public sector to reduce carbon emissions is vital for the UK’s collective journey towards net zero. SFRS’ ambitious plans should serve as an example to similar organisations looking to take similar steps, demonstrating the kind of commitment, planning and determination that can help everyone achieve the net-zero target.”

The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service’s e-mobility efforts have been going on for some time. In 2019, SFRS had ordered 45 Renault Zoe as reported. EDF has been supplying the fire and rescue service with renewable electricity since 2017.

SFRS claims to be the world’s fourth-largest fire and rescue service and covers all of Scotland. It delivers frontline services locally from three hubs strategically based in the North, West and East of the country.


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