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Polaris & Zero reveal Ranger XP Kinetic


Polaris and Zero Motorcycles have revealed their first vehicle, an all-electric utility task vehicle (UTV) called the Ranger XP Kinetic, which will arrive in US dealerships in summer 2022 and is also bound for the UK and European markets.

In September last year, Zero Motorcycles teamed up with power sports outfit Polaris to come up with electric vehicles, including ATVs and snowmobiles. The companies signed an “exclusive, 10-year agreement,” which Polaris said will help their effort to have an electric version of every vehicle type the company offers by 2025.

Going electric means that Polaris can count on the electric Ranger attracting new customers to the power sports vehicles segment. UTVs are used for tasks like hauling equipment and supplies on sites where a truck is impractical or just unnecessary for the size and power use.  The Verge even goes as far to say that “the Ranger XP Kinetic is the lightweight, versatile electric vehicle that farmers, hunters, and outdoorsy types may find over time they actually prefer over heavier, higher-profile EVs, like the Ford F-150 Lightning.”

The Ranger XP Kinetic is available as a 3-seat model that comes in a Premium and Ultimate trim. The Premium trim comes with a single 14.9 kWh lithium-ion battery that gives it a range of around 45 miles (70 kilometres), while the Ultimate trims has a 29.8 kWh battery capacity that allows a range of around 80 miles (130 kilometres).

For charging, Polaris is working with Qmerit to consult with owners on home charger installation. Here, the Ranger XP Kinetic comes with a Level 1 and 2 charging cable that allows owners to charge with either a 120-volt or 240-volt plug.

The two trim levels, Premium and Ultimate, have US price tags of $24,999 (22,160 euros) and $29,999  (26,590 euros) respectively. As our readers well know, although electric vehicles almost always have higher initial prices than their combustion engine counterparts, owners of EVs not only save on refuelling costs, but also on maintenance. This is where Polaris has estimated that the electric Ranger will be 70 per cent cheaper. To compare initial outlay, Polaris’ combustion-engine Rangers generally range in price between $20,000 and $22,000. Since these utility vehicles are often used by hunters and farmers working with livestock, the almost completely silent motor of the electric Ranger gives another enormous advantage.

Mike Speetzen, CEO of Polaris says: “… we continue our relentless pursuit to create unmatched riding experiences and are partnering with Zero Motorcycles to harness the incredible capabilities of electric for our customers. The new Ranger XP Kinetic is a powerful example of this.”



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