Hubject & DCS launch Plug&Charge cooperation

Hubject and Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) have partnered to offer Plug&Charge to the ISO 15118 standard to their customers in the European market.

By offering Plug&Charge, Hubject and Digital Charging Solutions say they will “together further enhance the EV driver experience and make the charging process as convenient as possible towards seamless, autonomous and secure charging”.

Hubject, as you know, operates the Plug&Charge ecosystem, specifically the data and certificate pools and the V2G PKI. It is precisely these Hubject services that DCS will now use and offer to its customers. Hubject says it will then ensure that the contract data created, including the user contract certificate, is securely forwarded and automatically installed in the vehicles.

With Plug&Charge, the vehicle and charging station authenticate each other. For this purpose, specially secured certificates are stored in the vehicle and the charging pole, which are then matched with those data from the pool located at Hubject. More information and background on the functionality and development of Plug&Charge can be found in this article.

Digital Charging Solutions not only offers its own charging service, but is primarily known as the operator of the charging services of numerous car manufacturers – such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche or Hyundai. DCS was once founded as a pure BMW subsidiary; in the meantime BMW, Daimler and the mineral oil company BP each hold a third of the shares.

“To raise acceptance for a change to e-mobility, easy handling at the charge point itself is crucial – the Plug&Charge feature is a big step towards this goal,” says DCS CEO Jörg Reimann. “Although the technology is still in the starting blocks, the system enables our customers the best possible and most seamless charging experience. We are proud to now offer this feature as the first service provider in the European market to any automotive manufacturer and infrastructure provider that wishes to partner up with DCS.”

“The Plug&Charge technology responds to market needs, as this technology offers a seamless user experience and enables increased security than existing charging solutions,” said Hubject CEO Christian Hahn. “With the implementation of Plug&Charge with our partners, we can expect a rapid growth when it comes to EV mass adoption.”

Currently, for example, the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT and also the Mercedes EQS support charging with Plug&Charge. Due to the particularly secure storage of the certificates in the vehicle, retrofitting in existing vehicles is not easily possible.


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