Free to X & Hubject cooperate on HPC in Italy


Hubject has announced a cooperation with Free To X, a startup of Autostrade per l’Italia Group founded in March 2021. Free To X says it will extend its HPC infrastructure along Italian highways to a large number of electric car drivers within Hubject’s Intercharge network.

Free To X says it is building one of the densest charging networks with HPC stations along highways in Italy: The plan calls for a total of 100 HPC sites by 2023, covering a distance of 2,900 kilometres along Italy’s main highways. Hubject says that average distance between HPC-equipped rest stops is expected to be around 50 to 60 kilometres. Four to eight DC charging points are planned per site. In 2022, Free To X also plans to offer ad hoc payments by credit card.

The latter should no longer be necessary for many customers with the connection to Intercharge. Hubject says that by connecting to Hubject’s intercharge network, Free To X confirms that it is open to any electromobility provider and its customers. In other words, charging services will be able to integrate Free To X charging points into their offering via intercharge, and customers will also be able to use their usual charging service at the new HPC columns.

“Since August 2020, we have been working hard to build and launch this impressive network”, says Giorgio Moroni, CEO of Free To X. “Now, with Hubject, we are very proud to make it available to a further extended number of users in Italy and Europe, helping them travel safely and easily through our marvellous country.”

Hubject CEO Christian Hahn added: “A seamless and convenient charging experience is key to EV adoption. We are convinced that our collaboration with Free To X will advance eMobility in Italy. As a strong tourism region, this will have an impact beyond the country’s borders to the rest of Europe, bringing us a step closer to our common goal: a sustainable future of mobility worldwide”

The Intercharge network currently includes over 400,000 charging points in 52 countries. More than 1,000 B2B partners use the network, including both charging point operators and charging service providers.


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