Jan 6, 2022 - 03:55 pm

Microlino production postponed til March

Micro Mobility Systems has postponed the start of production of the Microlino until mid-March 2022. The reason given is persistent bottlenecks in the global supply chain. The first 500 vehicles are also to be built as a special model.

The plan is to start production in mid-March 2022 in a slow ramp-up and deliver the first customer vehicles in April or May in Switzerland and soon after in Germany, according to the Swiss company.

“Since the successful IAA exhibition in September we have concentrated all our energy in setting up our own production in Turin to bring the Microlino on the market,” Merlin Ouboter wrote in the blog post. “The current Covid-19 situation and the resulting difficulties in the global supply chain have certainly not been the easiest times for our project.” Even “standard parts like simple connectors for the wiring harness” were in short supply and had lead times of up to 50 weeks, he said.

But Ouboter also pointed to the progress being made in Turin, posting a video of the chassis production line. He said they were already producing vehicles for testing and process optimisation, “but at a much slower rate due to the lack of parts and the lack of larger quantities.”

The online configurator is scheduled to open in February. Micro Mobility Systems had presented the series version of the Microlino 2.0 at the IAA Mobility in September 2021 and had promised to start production before the end of 2021.

In addition to the three editions already presented, Urban, Dolce and Competizione, there will be a limited edition called Pioneer Series for the first 500 units. According to Ouboter, further details on the special model will follow at a later date.



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