Smatrics EnBW to grow HPC network to 400 stops in Austria this year

In Austria, Smartrics EnBW announced plans to install another 150 high power charging stations this year. These will complement the existing 250 HPC stops in the network of the joint venture EnBW, and Smartrics had founded for that purpose in 2020.

As before, the partners continue to focus on high power charging with up to 300 kW. However, this time, Smartrics mobility+, as the JV is formally called, is looking to install charging hubs comprising more than ten columns under a canopy. These hubs will line the main traffic routes in Austria.

What is more, the Smartrics EnBW joint venture aims to add 100 – 150 ultra-rapid chargers each year from here on and throughout 2030. Adding the numbers, this could see the HPC network of 400 stations by the end of 2022 growing to include over a thousand HPC stops at the end of the decade.

To expand the public charging network, Smatrics EnBW has concluded location partnerships with retail chains and mineral oil companies and is still looking for more location partners and land for the construction of charging hubs in the future.

The joint venture

Smatrics holds 49 per cent of the joint subsidiary and contributed all locations, i.e. the entire CPO business, when entering the JV in 2020. Besides, Smatrics continues to act as a technical service provider. For its part, the German utility EnBW is pursuing the course it has taken in Germany and is pushing ahead with the area-wide rapid charging infrastructure expansion across all counties in Austria. By 2025, EnBW intends to operate more than 2,200 fast-charging locations, including the joint venture in Austria.

“The success of e-mobility stands and falls with a top-quality charging network,” said the Managing Director of Smatrics and Smatrics EnBW Hauke Hinrichs. “Together with our partner Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW), we already have the largest public fast-charging network in Austria, and we are far from the end of our expansion plans.” (PI in German)


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