Vicinity scores sales & marketing deal with Skydome in Ontario

Canada’s commercial vehicle manufacturer Vicinity Motor has signed a deal with Skydome, an automotive dealer and service centre in Ontario. Skydome already placed its first order for 50 Class 3 electric trucks and will also act as Vicinity’s exclusive dealer in the City of Brampton.

For the order at hand, Skydome expects Vicinity to start delivering the new e-trucks of type VMC 1200 this year, with the first five to arrive in the next quarter. The company has over 25 years of auto and truck sales and service experience and is currently operating from three locations in Brampton, Greater Toronto region.

“We are excited to begin offering the VMC 1200 in the Toronto market alongside our new sales partner, Skydome,” said William Trainer, Founder and CEO of Vicinity Motor Corp.

Daljit Singh Gaidhu, President of Skydome Group, added they “looked forward to showcasing our first VMC 1200 vehicles to our customers later this year.”

Trainer also pointed to Toronto reportedly undertaking a “major expansion of its EV charging infrastructure to enable and support the accelerated transition of city fleets to electric vehicles” – a development Vicinity hopes to exploit. “We believe our ongoing dealer agreement will position us to be the premier providers in this segment,” concluded the CEO.

The VMC 1200 is a medium-duty electric truck that claims a 6,000-pound load capacity, 150-mile range and a cab-over design. The spec sheet further reveals a 150 kWh battery, a top speed of 65 mph and an 8 kW onboard charger.

Vicinity reportedly entertains strong partnerships. For example, the company last October struck a strategic supply agreement with the battery manufacturer Electrovaya. Based in Canada, Electrovaya is to supply the lithium-ion batteries for the VMC 1200 Class 3 truck and ‘Lightning’ electric buses. Vicinity is making the latter in cooperation with Lion Smart, a Swiss company and longstanding partner to BMW.

Vicinity Motor was previously was active under the name Grande West Transportation Group and is based in Aldergrove, British Columbia.

In addition, to its new electric vehicles, the company sells its proprietary electric chassis alongside J.B. Poindexter business unit EAVX, Vicinity’s partner, for retrofitting delivery vehicles to electric.


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