Feb 9, 2022 - 03:20 pm

Liberty Global launches green energy brand Egg

...As the UK ends the ELectric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) for homeowners.

Liberty Global has launched a renewable energy brand, Egg, now offering EV charging for homes and businesses on a subscription basis. The launch comes ahead of the UK government ending the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) for homeowners at the end of March.

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The subscription model from Liberty Global’s new brand Egg should help ensure that electric vehicle charging remains accessible and affordable for homeowners even without the EVHS grant. The UK government is ending the EVHS for homeowners at the end of March, but are keeping this open for homeowners who live in flats as well as for those living in rental accommodation. This means that homeowners with new electric vehicles are no longer able to access a grant of up to £350 for hardware installation.

Liberty Global says that Egg’s subscription model costs only a monthly £30 fee, has no upfront fees and includes free installation of the charger, as well as ongoing maintenance and technical support. Along with electric vehicle charging, Egg is also offering solar panels and battery storage facilities. This allows customers to store excess energy created by Egg solar panels to use at home for their electric vehicles or other purposes.

Liberty Global is ramping up its renewable energy activities. In 2020 Liberty Global acquired The Phoenix Works, which specialises in sustainable energy. The same year, Liberty Global Ventures and Zouk Capital, which is an infrastructure investment fund established by the UK government and backed by HM Treasury, launched Liberty Charge, a joint venture for rolling out on-street residential electric vehicle charging points in the UK.

Robert Dunn, MD, Liberty Global Ventures, explained: “The renewable energy sector represents an exciting value creation opportunity for Liberty Global Ventures as demand for sustainable energy solutions and electric vehicle charging continue to grow exponentially.” He went on to say that Liberty Global is well-positioned since they are already well-established connectivity providers. “We’re a trusted home installer and have long-standing expertise in sustaining subscription relationships, as well as extensive experience in providing consumers with financed assets such as mobile handsets, for example,” he elaborated. In terms of the company’s strategy, he said they will take a “measured approach” in their first few months to keep up with consumer demand after which they intend to rapidly scale the business as the market for electric vehicle charging and renewable energy solutions continues to grow.

Update 28 February 2022:

A partnership between two Northamptonshire Councils has led to the provision of a new portfolio of on-street electric vehicle charging solutions, owned and operated by Liberty Charge. The portfolio includes 82 residential, on-street EV charging sockets across seven locations in West Northamptonshire and seven in North Northamptonshire.

The solution is fully funded and Liberty Charge is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the charging stations. The on-street locations are aimed at those who do not have access to a driveway or other means of privately charging their vehicles.

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