More Volta Charging stations at Walgreens in the USA

In the USA, Volta Charging has just announced the expansion of its collaboration with Walgreens to target installing 1,000 DC charging stalls at over 500 Walgreens throughout the country.

The new agreement both furthers Volta’s DC Fast charging expansion strategy as well as Walgreens’ support of initiatives that lower emissions. Volta began working with Walgreens in 2019 and currently has stations across 49 of its stores.

“As we expand our DC Fast charging presence across the country, Walgreens is an ideal match for faster forms of Volta charging given the average time a Walgreens shopper typically spends in-store,” said Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO of Volta. “Volta’s intelligent charging network is built around understanding and anticipating consumer behaviour.”

The location and opportunity of shopping and charging is being fully utilised by the two companies – also for advertising possibilities. The Volta stations also double as a digital out-of-home advertising opportunity with large-format digital screens. These allow brands to reach shoppers just before they enter a store to make a purchase. Volta say this functionality will be leveraged by Walgreens Advertising Group.

Over in Europe, the US start-up also has plans, starting with an office in Germany. The company offers initially free DC charging refinanced through advertising. Volta has yet to disclose its timeline for entering the EU market.

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about „More Volta Charging stations at Walgreens in the USA“
jim stack
16.02.2022 um 17:02
where is the list of locations thy have planned. I love Volta charging.

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