Saietta Group developing diesel-EV conversion kit

The UK-based e-mobility propulsion specialist Saietta Group is intensifying its efforts for an overhaul operation to convert “existing high-polluting diesel-engine-powered buses and coaches into zero-emission vehicles”.

Saietta is looking to achieve this technological feat by working with its RetroMotion division, bus and coach service providers. The plan is to revitalise the operators’ ageing, polluting diesel-based fleet to a retrofit electric propulsion solution. An electric range of up to 350 km is possible with the all-electric retrofit powertrain, depending on individual specification, application and vehicle size, according to Saietta.

“Saietta Group prides itself on being at the vanguard of e-mobility propulsion with the aim of democratising clean sustainable transportation around the globe and within every sector, from two-wheel scooters to compact passenger cars and right through to bus, coach and heavy goods vehicles,” said Wicher Kist, chief executive officer at Saietta, adding: “But we also understand that such important yet dramatic change – effectively replacing outdated internal combustion engines with new battery-electric powertrains – can’t be successfully achieved overnight. That’s why we are stepping up the efforts of our RetroMotion engineering division. We want to give coach and bus operators an opportunity to transform their ageing and polluting fleet into a green mobility service that’s modern and clean.”


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