Electreon signs cooperation deals in Finland & the USA


The Israeli company Electreon, which specialises in inductive charging of electric vehicles, wants to enter the Finnish market through a cooperation with the infrastructure service provider Destia. In addition, another test project is to be launched in the US state of Utah in the summer.

The aim of the cooperation in Finland is to develop commercial wireless charging projects where Electreon’s charging system and associated operation and maintenance services could be offered as part of Destia’s “Charging as a Service” solution.

Destia is one of Finland’s largest infrastructure service providers and is also active in the field of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. There, Destia offers electric vehicle charging solutions for companies and serves customers such as bus operators, logistics companies, vehicle manufacturers and taxi companies. Through the cooperation with Electreon, Finnish fleet operators will have the opportunity to “experience the benefits of wireless charging in operation”, according to the statement.

“Wireless charging has great potential especially in the professional transport segment, because it can be fully integrated into infrastructure with no visual impacts and cables,” said Jere Jokinen, Head of EV Charging at Destia. “Electreon’s wireless charging technology can complement our EV Charging as a Service solution nicely.”

More projects in Scandinavia from Electreon could soon follow: The company says it has hired Maher Kasskawo as business development manager for Scandinavia. Kasskawo was previously an electric mobility specialist at one of the Nordic region’s leading public transport companies, so he knows a lot about bus charging.

The new project in the USA is not yet directly about customer projects: Meanwhile, Electreon is cooperating with the research organisation Aspire to install its dynamic inductive charging technology in the summer of 2022 on a 50-metre section of an Aspire test track in North Logan in the state of Utah. Another Electreon project in the US reportedly envisions a section of road in Detroit up to one mile long for dynamic and stationary wireless charging of electric vehicles. (Finland), (USA)


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