JustPark is looking for homeowners willing to host EV fleet drivers on their driveway

Driveway sharing platform JustPark has launched FleetCharge to provide EV charging to fleet drivers without off-street parking. JustPark is looking for homeowners with a driveway willing to become a FleetCharge host and earn extra income.

Finding these hosts is key to the entire scheme as otherwise, JustPark won’t be able to offer EV drivers without garages access to charging. What is more, the company says it will find a local homeowner with a driveway within a five-minute walk of the EV driver, install a home charger and give said fleet driver exclusive access to that charging point. Homeowners with a driveway will, in turn, “potentially earn a guaranteed income of £1,000 a year,” so the company.

JustPark will cover all costs for installing a charge point, electricity and managing it. They also claim any extra income would be tax-free.

Explaining the reasoning behind the new service, Mike Strahlman, director of EV at JustPark, said: “There’s a barrier currently, which is that most drivers take these vehicles home at night and finding safe and reliable charging is difficult.”

JustPark says the new solution could solve the charging issue for the 75% of fleet drivers that don’t have off-street parking at home.

Still, there is, of course, the risk of homeowners not signing up, especially if they own a car or EV themselves. JustPark remains unphased and expects the take-up to grow fast. FleetCharge targets enrolling thousands of homeowners in the next three years.

And it is not just homeowners. The company, together with Octopus Energy, has been running the scheme already since autumn 2021, however, aiming to enrol businesses to offer their parking spaces to install chargers. In today’s statement, the company added that “By unlocking the thousands of unused parking spaces across multiple settings including businesses, driveways and even church car parks – we enable businesses and fleet managers to execute their desire to exploit the full benefits of transitioning fleets to EV.”

What is more, the company hopes to build on its existing driveway sharing service that claims to connect more than eight million drivers with parking spaces every year via their app-based. Over 50,000 parking space owners, as well as some of the UK’s biggest councils and car parking companies, are said to have signed up.

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