Hubject & strike data sharing deal

Hubject and have entered into a global strategic partnership that combines’s smart home charging network services with Hubject’s eRoaming data and consulting services.

This will harmonise data and further automate processes within and between companies, according to Hubject’s announcement. They expect to increase efficiency for companies, while customers will gain a “360-degree view” of EV charging.

As EV uptake grows, businesses and government agencies must continuously assess, manage, predict and deliver solutions to keep pace with consumer trends so the partners. “Hubject and have consolidated the most comprehensive dataset on EV charging available anywhere in the world,” said Nick Wolley, CEO and co-founder of

“Our combined data provides insights on home and public charging across thousands of drivers,” Wolley continued. “This data helps CPOs, energy utilities and governments better serve electric vehicle drivers and integrate EVs into our transport and energy systems – ultimately helping us all to decarbonise faster.”

Hubject CEO Christian Hahn added, “Working together with and O2 on the UK based project for the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) has really shown the value of our combined powers. The exchange of data has led to a much deeper understanding of the market, while the exchange of expertise across both companies have driven a new venue of insights for our customer.”

For, this is not the first collaboration with a German company: A year ago, VW Group selected as one of five startups it would work with as part of its Future Mobility Incubator project. This has resulted in a partnership between the British company and VW’s charging subsidiary Elli.

In the UK, the company is no stranger to the scene anymore either. Innovate UK granted funding in February to scale the company’s first Virtual Power Plant (VPP) using only electric vehicles. The funding came after the startup successfully demonstrated the concept by working with the British utility UK Power Networks.


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