Voi launches next-gen scooter with repairability in mind


Sweden’s e-scooter rental company Voi has unveiled a new model. They claim the Voiager 5 contains more than twice as many recycled materials as its predecessors and is easier to repair.

Voi had introduced the Voiager 4 in summer 2020, so after only one and a half years, its successor is coming to the market, or more precisely to the rental fleet. The (re) launch comes after “deep analysis of repair cycles and quality assurance checks,” which Voi says enabled the improved design that sets a “new industry benchmark for durability”. The Swedish company claims that the proportion of recycled materials used in the scooter now stands at over 30%.

Voi did not go into detail about the drive and the battery of the Voiager 5 or V5 for short in the announcement but said the service life of the vehicles is five years.

In addition to the sustainability aspects mentioned, such as recycled materials and repairability, Voi says they also improved safety. The company speaks of a larger front wheel for a more stable ride (thanks to a deeper profile and better damping, among other things), high-performance breaks, an updated dashboard design, centrally integrated phone holder and automated turn indicator switch. In addition, the improved GPS software helps pinpoint locations within less than a meter – making it easier to find parked e-scooters. This also includes non-riders who may now quickly scan the QR code to report a wrongly parked kickscooter to Voi.

“Sustainability and safety are the cornerstones of Voi. The future of micromobility is to develop fully circular and low-carbon vehicles,” says Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and co-founder of Voi. “We have set this goal by 2025, and the Voiager 5 is a big step in that direction.”

The company further notes that it worked with organisations such as Open Inclusion and Women in Transport to make their products more accessible.

Hjelm added: “Traditionally, transport services and products are designed by men for men, yet more inclusive vehicles are necessary to make transport better and more accessible. It’s been so important to work with so many people and organisations to make the V5 our safest and most inclusive vehicle yet.”

In terms of rolling out the new model generation, Voi says they will gradually introduce the Voiager 5 across Europe and, where appropriate, reallocate the Voiager 4 to other cities.

The Voiager 5 is made in China by Ninebot.

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