Ireland reveals charging infrastructure strategy


Ireland’s first national EV Charging Infrastructure Strategy has been published and is now open for public consultation.

The Strategy sets out a pathway for the period out to 2025, as Ireland works to realise its Climate Action Plan target of nearly a million EVs by 2030. In 2025, the Strategy will be reviewed and updated to take Ireland through to the end of this decade.

Minister Eamon Ryan unveiled the Department of Transport’s Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy commenting: “At this early stage in our adoption of EVs there is an opportunity for us to learn from best practice and creative solutions that have been tested in other locations already and to shape our policy so that we can deliver a network of publicly accessible infrastructure that is world-class in terms of its interoperability, its broad coverage and flexibility of use for the vast majority of drivers.” He followed up by underlining: “I urge people to read the strategy document and to have their say on how we design this new transport map.” Both the charging infrastructure strategy and the contact information for feedback are included in the links below.

The basis of the network is made up of four main types of charging: home charging, residential charging, destination charging and motorway charging. The Strategy sets out the delivery of this infrastructure over the next few years. The Strategy lays out how it intends to make sure that Ireland’s EV charging infrastructure will work for eveyone regardless or age, health, income or other needs, and although it envisages that home-charging will remain the main solution, the Strategy lays out options for those who aren’t able to charge at home.

In Ireland, the national EV infrastructure systems will also be shaped by updated EU legal structures and new guidelines that will be drawn up as part of the EU ‘Fit for 55’ package to help member states reach their carbon emissions reduction targets.

gov.ie (invitation for participation), gov.ie (press release on the Strategy), gov.ie (PDF of Strategy)


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