Apr 12, 2022 - 04:14 pm

Allstar joins forces with Allego in the UK

Allstar Business Solutions, a provider of fuel and recently charge cards in the UK, has added EV charging network Allego as a new partner.

This agreement between Allego and Allstar provides Allstar One Electric customers with access to 348 Allego chargers across 140 locations across the South of the UK and London. Of these, 150 are fast chargers and 198 are rapid chargers. At the same time, Allstar explains the deal will also bring 232 Shell Recharge chargers to the Allstar network, adding up to a total network encompassing 2,000 locations with around 5,700 chargers.

Paul Holland, managing director of UK Fuel at Allstar Business Solutions, said: “This new partnership with Allego brings together our rapidly increasing EV customers and drivers with one of the UK’s leading electric forecourt operators. In addition, this will help us to offer greater access to charging points for drivers and help fleets accelerate to the benefits of an EV fleet.”

Almost exactly a year ago, Allstar Business Solutions partnered with Plug-N-Go, adding 18 sites to the Allstar One Electric network. Just a few months earlier, Allstar had agreed on a new partnership with Gronn Kontakt, an EV charging company owned by Statkraft. The hydropower company, owned by the Norwegian state, claims to be the largest provider of renewable energy in Europe.

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