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Vicinity purchases 2,500 coil drivers from Exro


Exro Technologies, a Canadian company that has developed a new class of power electronics for electric motors and batteries, has reached an agreement for up to 2,500 units with electric bus manufacturer Vicinity Motor.

Under this multiyear sales and service agreement, Vicinity will purchase high-voltage Coil Drive System units from Exro, along with a production slot, system pricing and commissioning services.

Vicinity Motor supplies shuttle transportation vehicles for public and commercial use. The company’s flagship product, the Vicinity Lightning, is a purpose-built electric bus that the company says is revolutionising public transit using sustainable and affordable components.

The agreement commences with a first lot purchase order of 100 units. Over the 36-month term of the agreement, Exro will plan to deliver an increasing volume of its Coil Drive System for up to 2,500 units that includes both a Coil Driver and an electric motor.

Exro’s Coil Driver is a dynamic smart controller that the company says can eliminate the need for multiple motors across all EVs. The should allow manufacturers to achieve more acceleration, gradeability, high-speed torque and better efficiencies while being able to reduce the number of costly power electronics inside the vehicle.

Exro says that the deal marks a milestone by solving performance-cost trade-offs for the North American electric bus manufacturer., (coil driver)


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