VinFast reveals more details about the VF 8 and VF 9

VinFast has published the technical specifications of the VF 8 and VF 9 models – together with prices and details on battery rental in the European markets of Germany, France and the Netherlands.

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The Vietnamese manufacturer had already announced the first prices in January at the premiere of the models at the CES. The VF 8 is available from 43,900 euros plus a monthly battery lease of 120 euros. The VF 9 starts at 58,600 euros – plus a monthly battery lease of 150 euros for the larger model.

This is still true in essence, but there are some minor updates around the prices: For both models, the basic prices mentioned apply to “Battery Version 1”. The new “Battery Version 2” is 300 euros more expensive in the VF 8 and 450 euros more expensive in the VF 9.

In the VF 8, the “battery version 1” has a usable energy content of 82 kWh. Depending on the equipment, this results in a range of between 400 and 420 kilometres. The “battery version 2” is specified with 87.8 kWh for 447-471 kilometres. The different range results from the power: the “Eco” model is specified with 260 kW, the VF 8 “Plus” with 300 kW. In addition, the Eco model is on 19-inch rims, the Plus on 20-inch rims (21 inches optional).

In the VF 9, the two battery options are larger. The “battery version 1” has an energy content of 92 kWh, which results in 423-438 kilometres according to WLTP. The VF 9 with “battery version 2” has the highest range of all VinFasts, with a WLTP value between 580 and 594 kilometres. This is made possible by a 123 kWh battery. Both versions of the VF 9 produce 300 kW. The difference in range is due to the weight of the different equipment and again to aerodynamics, for example because of the rims.

Another new feature is that the monthly rate mentioned for the battery corresponds to the “fixed” rate with unlimited mileage. For customers who drive less than 500 kilometres per month, there will be the so-called “Flexible” tariff – but its full price information will only be published “soon”.

However, battery rental will not remain compulsory. As VinFast announces, there will be an option to buy the battery from 2024. It is not yet known how much the vehicles will cost including the battery. VinFast does, however, provide an estimate of sales: Battery purchase and battery rental will each account for around 50 per cent.

In addition, VinFast is introducing the Smart Driving package, which offers customers a safe and relaxed driving experience on every journey. In Europe, the Smart Driving package costs 7,250 euros one-time or 150 euros monthly (both prices including VAT).

Update 23 May 2022

VinFast has entered into a cooperation and service agreement with FCA Bank, under which leasing offers are available for the VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 electric models in the three core European markets of Germany, France and the Netherlands. These each include the VinFast “Fixed” battery subscription already presented. The VF 8 model is available from 499 euros per month, the VF 9 from 699 euros per month. The special leasing payment for the VF 8 is 8,650 euros and for the VF 9 11,350 euros. The leasing contracts have a term of 37 months. After the VinFirst programme expires on 30 May 2022, VinFast and FCA Bank will introduce further financing options.

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