Hyundai invests in vehicles with legs

After Hyundai presented the concept of an electric car with robotic legs under the name Elevate at the beginning of 2019, which rescue services could use after natural disasters, for example, the South Korean manufacturer is now getting serious about the vehicle concept.

Hyundai is investing 20 million dollars in a new research centre in the US state of Montana, where such “running” vehicles, which Hyundai calls Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), are to be further developed and built.

“Montana is quickly becoming a hub for high-tech companies and entrepreneurs with a growing talent pool of skilled labour in the field of engineering, research and natural science,” said Dr John Suh, head of New Horizons Studio and vice president, Hyundai Motor Group. “Bozeman is a thriving and economic micropolitan city. Nestled near dozens of off-road trails with more than 150 miles of terrain and mountain access for UMV testing – it’s the perfect fit for our new R&D Lab.”,


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